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Digital oscilloscope ISDS220B
Channels 2
Impedance 1MΩ 25pF
Coupling AC/DC
Vertical resolution 8Bit
Gain range -16V ~ 16Vprobe X1
-160V ~ 160Vprobe X10
Vertical accuracy ±3%
Timebase range 1ns-20s
Input Protection Diode50Vpk
Autoset Yes(10Hz to 40MHz)
Trigger Mode AutoNormal and Signal
Trigger Type NoRising edgeFalling edge
Rising edge or Falling edge
Trigger level Yes
Trigger Source CH1, CH2
Buffer Size 256KB/CH
Bandwidth 40MHz
Max sample 100MS/s
Vertical mode CH1, CH2, ADD, SUB, MUL
Display Mode XY-T and X-Y
Measurements Yes
Wave save Osc(Private)Excel and Bmp
Spectrum analyzers
Channels 2
Bandwidth 40MHz
Algorithm FFT(18 windows)correlationpower spectrum
FFT points 8-1048576/CHN
FFT measure Harmonic(1-7)、SNR、SINAD、ENOB、THD、SFDR
Filter processing FIR  filter  supports  arbitrary  range  of  frequency
sampling method , and Rectangle, bartlett, triangular,
cosine, hanning, bartlett_hanning, hamming, blackman,
blackman_Harris,  tukey, Nuttall,  FlatTop,  Bohman,
Parzen,  Lanczos,  kaiser,  gauss and  dolph_chebyshev,window method design. 
IIR filter support "Butterworth", "Chebyshev I",
"Chebyshev II", "Elliptic" type of filter design.
DDS(Only ISDS220B)
Wave Sine, Square(Duty circle variable),Triangle,Up
Sawtooth,Down Sawtooth
Amplitude ≥9Vp-p(no load)
Impedance 200Ω±10%
Offset ±2.5V
Frequency range 1Hz ~ 20MHz(Sine), 1Hz ~ 2MHz(Others)
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Frequency steadiness ±1×10-3
Frequency precision ±5×10-3
Triangular wave linearity ≥98% (1Hz~10kHz)
Sine wave distortion  ≤0.8%  (1kHz)
Square wave rising/falling time  ≤100ns
Square wave duty circle 1%~99%
Sweep range Fs to Fe
Sweep time range  0.1 ~10 s
Amplitude 0.5Vp-p ~ 10Vp-p
Sweep(Only ISDS220B)
Sweep Style Linear SweepLog Sweep
Linear Sweep Range 1Hz-20MHz, Min 1Hz step
Log Sweep Range 1Hz-10MHz, 1,10,100....Logarithmic step